I believe

I believe ideas are humanity’s greatest gift and most powerful tool.

They are the currency of curiosity, providing meaning to life and helping us answer ‘Why’. They can be created by and spread to anyone, anywhere, anytime. An idea is durable: as long as one person believes it, it survives. But finding, analyzing, accepting, and explaining good, new ideas is hard. Instead we consume and regurgitate too many old ideas and believe too few new ones. Technology has made it easier than ever to read and share ideas. As a result, we now feel overwhelmed by the ideas of others. It has become so noisy we are drowning out our own voices and forgetting how to create new ideas.

Subconsciously, we sense more and more the hollowness of all of this consumption without belief. To overcome this, my generation will have to binge less and believe more as individuals. I hope to do my part. It is noisy than ever. But every good idea starts with one person’s belief. I believe that this generation can rise above the noise and negativity and live up to our potential. I believe that we can escape the trappings of the present and fight to create a new and better world, in reality and online. I believe that this future is not certain but certainly one worth fighting for. I believe that we can win.

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